Lex Diplomatic Logistics Delivery provides its clients with the advanced technology and infrastructure needed to meet today's business challenges. Technology that helps you move goods quickly, arrange for shipments more efficiently, and offer a wider range services. At the same time, it helps you deliver a higher level of personalize service.

  • Inland Transportation:
    Road transportation includes door to door delivery. It has many years of experience in all types of commodities and can deliver your goods to any country quickly & cost effectively. Door to door, with our overseas affiliated companies and agents, we are able to offer a total transportation service for imports and exports. Our services include booking from all Indian major airports at very competitive rates.
  • Packaging:
    Lex Diplomatic Logistics Delivery is an established name in cargo and freight handling now offers complete solutions for Packaging and Logistics of Hazardous Chemicals. We have our own warehouse equipped with fire extinguishers, insurance, loading trolleys, etc all of which facilitate smooth handling of your hazardous cargo. We will assist you in completion of shipper declaration for dangerous goods and we will be providing the required label at additional cost.
  • Air Freight:
    Our air freight services give you flexibility and speed when you move valuable time-sensitive goods. We offer an extensive global network combined with a selected network qualified agents, best­-in-class air carriers and quality sub-contractors. Our service covers almost every origin and destination. We offer both full and partial charter services and we are committed to meeting any capacity and transit time needs, applying our unified service levels from pick-up to delivery at destination.
  • Sea Freight:
    Sea freight department handles LCL & FCL containers. We have good relationship with shipping company & agents who offer best competitive Sea freight rates around the world. We have also special contracts for good volumes over 50 TEUS. Through our network of overseas partners, the service covers the globe and will take cargo from source to final destination anywhere in the world. Shipments of 20' or 40' FCL Containers as well as smaller LCL Console cargo are handled with same individual care. For us no cargo is big or small every size is valuable.
  • Warehousing:
    Lex Diplomatic Logistics Delivery’s extensive experience in warehousing and distribution means that we are equipped to handle all sorts of sensitive products and information. We provide a total supply chain solution for your products and also handle reverse logistics. In the main warehouse, a temperature controlled area of 5,000 square foot is dedicated to temperature sensitive items in every warehouse for cold and warm products respectively, such as nutritional supplements and is handled with extreme care.
  • Diplomat Service:
    Have you got a shipment that needs to be collected and delivered immediately? For shipments that just can't wait until tomorrow, we offer a 24-hour door-to-door emergency delivery service. We also offer diplomatic services in the area of clearance and movement of valuable items. We have made this option available in our registration form for customers to declare as to get exclusive advice on their shipment to avoid complications at the transit and delivery countries custom check. This service may require additional charges and documentations.
  • Priority & Security Handling:
    Special Handling Department at Lex Diplomatic Logistics Delivery focuses on handling of sensitive materials, security and high valued items. This department has a separate sorting area, as well as a special fleet of vehicles dedicated to its service. Items designated for Special Delivery Department are handled by a group of specially trained staff, in some case will involve an external partner to service in the area of legal and diplomatic services. This service in most case requires government tax and extra documentation to back the item legally before departure, and we will be not responsible for violation of this as we do not scan product at our warehouses.
  • Insurance:
    Our lexCover provides extensive protection against all risks from the time of collection/receipt by carrier until delivery of shipment to the final destination. The coverage is deemed expired upon successful delivery of consigned goods to the destination as evidenced by the signature of recipient on the consignment note. Every shipment delivered with us has a limited insurance coverage, but by applying for lexCover we will guarantee a full purchase cost as stated in the registration form on drop off point. Note that this is optional and every customer is covered with 10% purchased cost as stated value of the item.
  • Marine Insurance:
    During any transportation process, physical losses or damage to cargo can arise as a result of factors such as rough weather or the sinking of ships at sea, theft, or an overland collision. We believe in being prepared and providing the best cover for our customers; marine cargo insurance covers any loss, damage or liability your goods may be at risk during transportation from one place to another; this includes air freight, ocean freight and overland carriage. mCover from Lex Diplomatic Logistics Delivery will protect you from uncertainty of losing all your purchased cost due to natural disaster while delivering your product to you port.
  • Project Logistics:
    With a myriad projects handled around the globe, our personnel’s have extensive experience and specialize in handling heavy lifts, such as the mobilization of power generation turbines and equipment for submarine pipeline projects. We specialize in the movement of oversized and overweight equipment, whether by air, sea or inland transportation. Let us help you manage your supply chain and ensure optimal efficiency for your business. We have help the Britain military in air lifting and strategic lifting technique, at same time have assisted in the area of packaging and design of the best recommended lifting hangers and machineries structures.
  • Custom Brokerage:
    With its own licensed brokers and personnel with numerous free lancers (Legal, Diplomatic, Partners and Affiliates) around the globe we are able to provides outstanding and cheapest import and export clearance services, which will help your goods clear customs quickly and efficiently. Our electronic customs clearance network takes advantage of the latest customs release initiatives and reviews your goods to make sure there comply with the most current regulations. Our customs experts can guide you through tariff classification, valuation, duty/tax recovery and specific product requirements.

Lex Diplomatic Logistics Delivery worldwide SEA, AIR and LAND freight management capabilities ensure that your cargo reaches any city, country or continent right on time. A range of global partnership agreements with major airlines ensures competitive rates for our customer; plus, you will get top priority with these airlines. We have signed many memorandums of understanding over the years with many countries and as well have opened a freelance delivery and diplomatic services around the globe to make sure you get the geo services you deserve at all time.

We are also a licensed Ocean Freight Forwarder and N.V.O.C.C. (Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier, or a company which offers the same services as an ocean carrier without owning or operating a vessel). Once again, our global network allows us to handle everything, including door-to-door shipping. As well we offers a web-tracking platform that help our customers to keep track of their shipment until it arrive their door step, also we integrated an email alerting platform to keep our customers updated about the status of their shipment with us.